Power source for MIG/MAG, pulsed MIG/MAG, TIG Lift and electrode welding

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The Genesis 2200 and 2700 PMC power sources offer the perfect combination of advanced digital control and exceptional ease of use, and guarantee top quality, reliable welding results.

Complete MIG/MAG system

PMC power sources can perform MIG/MAG (GMAW), pulsed MIG/MAG (GMAW-P), TIG DC Lift and electrode (MMA-SMAW) welding.
In MIG/MAG mode, the electronic control system synergically controls all welding parameters.

Advanced technology and high efficiency

Genesis 2200 and 2700 PMC power sources are equipped with the latest control systems developed and patented by SELCO to ensure excellent performance.

These power sources are completely digitally controlled and incorporate a DSP (Digital Signal Processor).
Green@Wave® technology is built in, guaranteeing high power factor current absorption from the line. The result is increased power output with reduced consumption and draw on the grid.

Intelligent arc

The principal Genesis innovation is the inclusion of the new Selco DDWC® digital control with high power and fast calculation speed.
This allows the system to react extremely quickly to changes in welding conditions, recalculating and adjusting all the parameters to the optimum value and providing an “intelligent” welding arc which continually adapts itself so as to always ensure an optimum process. Weld to believe.


Integrated wire feed unit




Wire feed is fully integrated in the power source, and provided by a double roller feed unit (a four roller unit is available as an option). The power source incorporates an optical encoder to control and adjust wire speed in real time to match the needs of the welding process.









The Genesis PMC generator is equipped with the iPanel series of SELCO control panels, which has a wide and clear 3,5” user display, with a particularly simple user interface, unique in its field of application.

Using the new control panel equipped with its convenient and functional keys and knob, it is possible to set all the welding parameters. Also, based on the specific requirements and experience, it is possible to upgrade from the standard display (XE) to the advanced (XA) and professional (XP) regulation levels for special and complex settings.

MIG/MAG welding suitable for any situation


In any welding condition it is possible to call up from the panel over 60 pre-loaded synergic welding programs.

By the use of these synergic graphs, once the values of the wire material, the diameter and the type of gas being used have been set, the generator’s control system automatically regulates all the welding parameters in order to guarantee high productivity MIG/MAG welding while maintaining the quality of the process. The panel also offers a detailed display with a series of data (thickness of the part to be welded, dimensions of the fillet weld bead, etc…) useful for optimising the welding process.


Personalization of the welding programs



All the settings made during the welding activity can be easily memorised under a name chosen by the user, allowing them to be quickly called up either on the machine or by the remote controls. It is thus possible to create one’s own personalized archive of welding solutions for a wide range of situations. The Selco technical department has a continuously evolving database and is able to provide solutions for any special requirements.




Advanced solution


Genesis PMC power sources are Green@Wave® units. Green@Wave is Selco’s platform for energy saving according to EN61000-3-12, and for greater environmental responsibility. Genesis PMC power sources are equipped with U.P.F.R. unity power factor rectification technology for extremely high efficiency in mains current absorption. They can also be connected to Selco’s Weld@Net system to achieve complete and efficient control of multiple welding systems.




WU 230/WU 232 cooling unit




Selco’s new WU 230/WU 232 rotary pump cooling unit is the ideal complement to the Genesis 2200 and Genesis 2700 PMC power sources. The WU 230/WU 232 comes with pressure switch control. The power source manages the cooling unit to suit its actual cooling requirements. Coolant connectors are available at the front and back of the unit.



Selco can bus communication

The system is also designed to be fully immune to interference caused by the presence of electromagnetic fields in order to transmit the data present in the system safely and at high speed (500Kbs) and to allow the updating/personalization and diagnostic functions of the machine.


The GENESIS PMC system can be combined with accessories which further increase its capacity and efficiency, including DgMig torches for MIG welding and a full range of remote controls for regulation and control of the power source from a remote position.



Allows the storage and management of 64 welding programs which can be personalised by the operator.
GENESIS_2200_2700_PMC10 GENESIS_2200_2700_PMC11 Smart start
This innovative smart start control always guarantees reliable starts and reduced weld spatter
Crater filler
Allows regulation of the wire speed value during the weld closing phase.
GENESIS_2200_2700_PMC12 GENESIS_2200_2700_PMC13 Double pulse
Allows better welding of thin items and a smooth appearance of the line of welding to be obtained.
Mig bilevel
Permits adjustment of the secondary wire speed in the bilevel welding mode.
GENESIS_2200_2700_PMC14 GENESIS_2200_2700_PMC15 Wire ready
Using this special function, programmed burning of the wire is obtained (wire never stuck) and perfect wire preparation for the following arc strike.



An inverter power source designed to satisfy the welding needs of all fields of application. A wide range of functions plus ad- vanced technical solutions make these units an extremely valid choice for all applications demanding reliability, top quality and high productivity.

Genesis 2200 pmc


Genesis 2700 pmc