1124 RS Cleaning- and Polishing device

Alternative current and direct current unit for electrochemical cleaning,
polishing and embossing dark.
Adjustable 24 Volt AC, 12 Volt AC, 30 Volt DC.
Digital display.


Primary stress 110-230V, 50-60Hz
Secondary voltage 0-24V, 0-12A, 50Hz
Width / Height / Length 150x290x300 mm
3 applications in one unit:


The BYMAT 1124 RS is an appliance for electrochemical cleaning of weld seems on VA steel. The fluid used is more over completely safe and environment-friendly.


Grey edges (heat-affected zones) can be straight forwardly removed. In this way high-grade steel can be polished to a high mirror finish.


   Dark marking
Marks easily, quickly and inexpensively – jet black even on cylindrical components.