Cleaning, Polishing and Embossing machine Bymat 1140 RS

Electrochemical cleaning, polishing, embossing dark and light
all in one sturdy machine
LCD voltmeter display
Simple three function switch




Primary voltage: 110/230 V, 50-60 Hz
Secondary voltage: 0 – 24 V, 0-16 A, 50 Hz
Dimensions : (Width x Height x Depth) 143 x 300 x 380 mm


4 main functions:

BYMAT 1140 RS is specifically designed for electrochemical cleaning of weld seems on VA steel. The fluid used is more over completely safe and environment-friendly.


Grey edges (heat-affected zones) can be straight forwardly removed. In this way high-grade steel can be polished to a high mirror finish.

Light marking
Marks the material light, etches the surface. (similar to engraving)

Dark marking
Marks easily, quickly and inexpensively – jet black even on cylindrical components.