Laser welding machines

FANUCI is an advanced laser welding technology available for everyone!

A welding process is based on melting the contact area of elements that are being joined with the use of the heat generated as a result of the application of a concentrated light beam with high energy and density to the welded area. A single-module fiber power supply provides the device with continuous, stable power and quality of the beam. The range of laser power is regulated according to the production needs. Such a solution guarantees unmatched versatility of application and high reliability. Laser welding is a method especially efficient in case of high volume automated or robotic production. Laser welding is a technique that is equally effective in large-scale automated or robotic production and in manual welding.

The use of the fiber laser for industrial welding has spread because this technology has become more efficient and easier to apply than previously employed traditional welding methods. In comparison to commonly used, traditional techniques, laser welding technology is a more flexible, economical and, most of all, safer option. Laser welding is versatile and it can be safely applied to delicate surfaces. Welding lasers join materials of different kinds, thickness and shape. Welding seams that are obtained in the process are barely visible but durable. The deformations of joints are limited to minimum. After the completion of the welding process no mechanical treatment is needed.

Laser welding machines do not require regular maintenance works. Their construction is rather small which makes them easy to move among work stations. Currently the laser welding technology is widely used in many sectors of industry, for instance, automotive, astronautics, electronics, aviation, energy production, sanitary ware production, matrix production and regeneration, food processing, etc. The number of laser welding applications is constantly growing as the technology is continuously developing.

Why is a FANUCI welding laser the best choice?

  1. Components produced by the best manufacturers FANUCI laser welding machines consist only of the components of the highest quality that guarantee the reliability and stability of the laser welding process. The heart of the device is a Maxphotonics or IPG fiber source. A Fanuci PRO Wobble proprietary laser head with an electric lens control systems and automatic welding wire feeding is responsible for the highest precision of the weld. However, the stability of the welding process is provided by an S&A cooling system and Schneider electrics.
  2. An eco-friendly and pro-health innovation The laser welding technology is being continuously developed and it results in the improvement of work safety and decrease in the number of potential risks. The device includes the system of filters which automatically removes fumes and dust making the device friendly both for the environment and the operator.
  3. The highest precision of welding process FANUCI welding laser is the first device of this kind on the market that uses the PRO Wobble proprietary laser head with a movable laser beam. It is characterised, above all, by simple, user-friendly operating, incredible quality of its welds, high speed of work and the lack of post-process treatment.
  4. Outstanding stability and durability Laser welding technology ensures absolute stability and high quality of the process as well as guarantees the precision of material welding. It is currently the best and most durable welding solution available on the market. It perfectly replaces traditional welding of thin plates made of, for instance, stainless steel or iron as well as galvanised and aluminium plates, and other materials.
  5. A guarantee of durability for years Due to the high quality and reliability of manufactured devices, the FANUCI laser welding machine can become a subject to the implementation of a full 3-year warranty period for the whole device.

Reliable components

A FANUCI handheld laser welding machine is an innovative and complex device which consists of reliable components manufactured by world giants. Below you can find a summary of basic components of the offered laser welding machine.

Components Manufacturer Offer
Laser welding head Maxphotonics 1000/1500/2000W YES
Laser head FANUCI PRO Wobble YES
Automatic wire feeder Yaskawa YES
Control system HERO SoftWELD YES
Electrics Schneider YES
Cooling system S&A ChillX YES
Fume extraction CleanAIR YES

Maxphotonics fiber laser source

A Maxphotonics company is currently one of the biggest manufacturers of fiber laser sources in the world. Since 2004 it has produced and delivered tens of thousands of sources and become one of two most renowned and recognised companies manufacturing devices of this kind. Its latest new generation fibre source protected against backreflections is used in the offered device. The newest model of a resonator achieves ultra-high output power which results in optimum efficiency and supreme welding quality.

Basic advantages of fiber optics technology:

  • continuously developed and improved technology
  • low exploitation and maintenance costs
  • high efficiency and stability of processing procedure
  • significant reduction of production costs
  • capability for welding highly-reflective materials, e.g., aluminium, copper and brass
  • capability for welding steel of various kinds and sizes
  • estimated working time of a fiber source amounts to 100 000 work hours
  • friendly and safe for the environment and workplace technology

Fanuci Pro Wobble laser head with the system of laser beam oscillation

The second incredibly important component that is responsible for the quality and the speed of welding is a laser head. The FANUCI welding machine is equipped with a proprietary modern head with electric system of wobbling beam. It includes a patented mechanism that powers the converging lens and facilitates its automatic position adjustment and consequently, the width of the beam. The head is cooled with water which enables steady work without breaks. The device has an ergonomic contruction and a comfortable grip.

What are the benefits from a PRO Wobble function?

  • Higher speed and better quality of welding The head with a movable lens that is controlled automatically provides the user with an opportunity to correct imprefections of a material. Changing size of a spot results in much better forming of a weld that has been inaccessible up to now in the technology of hand-held laser welding with the use of standard heads available on the market.
  • High efficiency The propriety system allows to weld from 2 up to 10 times faster than with the use of traditional methods available on the market, and even from 2 up to 4 times faster than competing standard laser welding machines. The FANUCI device can work without any breaks 24/h.
  • The highest level of security The head is equipped with safety slides and a liquid cooling system that guarantee optimal protection, prevent the device from overheating and prolong its life-cycle. Fully enclosed, solid housing increases the safety of components and guarantees high resistance to mechanical damages.

Automatic wire feeder

The offered device is equipped with an automatic wire feeder that is integrated with its software. This system enables the user to work with the filling of 0,8-1,6mm thickness in a “push” or “pull” mode.

HERO SoftWELD control system

HERO SoftWELD is an operating system that combines high efficiency with intuitiveness and simplicity of use. A control panel is displayed on a colour touch screen and enables users to set all necessary parameters depending on their needs. The system allows for saving a programme for particular types of welding or materials according to the production profile. If there is a need, one can turn on the Fanuci PRO Wobble function and use the laser with a point or linear spot. The language of the system can be changed.

Handheld welding laser FANUCI – basic technical specifications

Output laser power 1000/1500/2000W
Head type PRO Wobble with a movable lens electrically controlled
Cooling method Water cooling
Head weight 1,3 kg
Optical fiber length 10 m
Wavelength 1070 NM +/-10%
Welding speed 0-120 mm/s
Wire gauge in an automatic mode 0,8-1,6 mm

Dimensions of the device (variable):

Length: 1 200 mm
Height: 1 300 mm
Width: 780 mm
Weight: ~ 300 kg

Technical support – so how we care for our customers.


We own a qualified service available in Lithuania and other Baltic States. We provide constant technical care both during the warranty period and after it finishes. We also have our own fully equipped warehouse with all necessary service and wearing parts. This allows us to optimise our service activities to absolute minimum. We are doing our utmost to constantly monitor service calls and perform necessary activities within 48 hours from the moment the service call is reported. All service calls are automatically verified and remotely diagnosed.

  • Technical support unit We provide our own qualified service available in Lithuania and other Baltic States. We do not use the services of external companies.
  • Warehouse We have our own fully equipped warehouse with service and wearing parts.
  • Service reaction 48 hours from the moment of sending a service call application.
  • Online support All service calls are automatically verified and remotely diagnosed.



The main on-going goals of our company are gradual building of trust and increasing satisfaction of our customers. We continuously search for innovative solutions allowing us to build and develop the image of a firm and reliable provider who guarantees safe investment as well as solid and stable production at every step of cooperation. The device is the subject to 12 months warranty period from the moment of launching, but not longer than 13 months from the moment of delivery. Work place environment, service and maintenance of the device have to be organised and performed according to recommendations included in the machine operation and maintenance manual (Technical documentation) and the warranty card.

In case of any questions regarding laser welding, please contact our customer service centre. All contact information can be found on our website tab Contacts.